Biography: Marc Ching is a Japanese Herbalist, Marcobiologist, and Philanthropist, known amongst the Hollywood elite as the conduit to transforming faces, bodies, more
The founding belief and philosophy that our products and supplements are formulated around - Wabi Sabi. Valia celebrates every person’s individual beauty and is focused more
Inspired by traditional Japanese remedies that focus on holistic healing, we believe beautiful skin is created from the inside out. We carefully craft our formulas more

The best way to cope with life is to make things as simple as possible, reducing things down to their essence. At Valia, we embrace these concepts and believe that the key to aging gracefully is changing the way we age from the inside out.

Our focus, nurturing the body from the inside out. Nourishing cells with immune boosting properties and herbs, while strengthening cell integrity with skin care products infused with enzymes and plant based extracts. We celebrate beauty in the state of becoming, and believe beauty is timeless.

At Valia, we have natural herb supplements and organic skin care products for sensitive and oily skin.

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